Frequently Asked Questions

Let us solve your often asked questions

Who is Upskill Online?

We’re an online short course provider operating out of Melbourne. Our goal is to provide high quality online training for those who live a busy schedule and need a flexible online learning solution.

Are you a registered training organisation (RTO)

No, we’re a private training company. 

What type of qualification do I get at the end of my training?

Students will receive a Certificate of Attainment in their chosen field.

Am I eligible for a payment plan?

If you’re 18 years or older (OR 16 years or older if a parent/guardian applies on behalf of you). Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or International student. Have a mobile phone and email address. Student must be receiving some form of income to service off their payment plan.

What happens if I finish my course before I finish off paying my payment plan?

Students will still receive their certificate upon completion of the course. You will be provided will an “e-certificate” in the meantime. Once the remainder of the agreed upon payment plan is paid-off we will issue you a hard copy certificate.

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