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Becoming a dog trainer is a fantastic career option for people who love working with dogs and helping others to learn about their pets. Depending on where you work, the job can offer great flexibility and demand is growing as more and more people add a dog to their family. In 2019, a study by Animal Medicines Australia found that 40% of households have at least one dog, and that number has risen significantly post-pandemic.

You may begin your career working at a puppy school, clinic or as a private consultant to families. As there is more and more importance on considering adoption first, a lot of people look to a dog trainer when they bring their new family member home. This can be to help curb any naughty habits that they may have learnt in the past and to help them settle into their new home, especially if they have had a traumatic upbringing.

If you’re considering this career for yourself and are wondering how to become a dog trainer, read on to find out more!

Steps To Become A Dog Trainer

  • Firstly, ask yourself “Is working with dogs all day long a job that I would love?”
    Remember that not all dogs start off friendly! Some can be aggressive and need a lot of training. You will also likely come home with a little drool and dog hair on you. However, it can be an immensely rewarding career seeing the changes in each dog and helping families to learn about their four-legged friend. It’ll also be lots of fun getting to play and work with a range of breeds on a daily basis.
  • Complete a dog training course
    Completing a course is the BEST way to learn how to become a dog trainer and provide you will the skills and confidence to do the job well. There is no formal qualification required to become a dog trainer, however completing a dog training course will give you a great head start and teach you everything you need to know. If you’re interested, you may consider our Certificate of Dog Care and Training online course as a great starting place.
    Our Certificate In Dog Care and Training can be completed online, when it suits you – which is a fantastic option if you need to study around work or family commitments. We also offer payment plans which make it super affordable to study and become a dog trainer. Read more to see course modules and course features. Our course is also extremely affordable, from only $25 a week, so if you’re wanting to get started and see if this could be the best career move for you – speak to one of our career consultants today.
  • Get some experience
    Before you begin charging clients or applying for jobs, you might wish to do some volunteer jobs for experience. You could do a call out on your local neighbourhood Facebook page, speak to family and friends who might need some help, or volunteer at a local shelter. This then allows you to collect some great references if you start applying for jobs, or great reviews to promote your business if you begin your own.
  • Start working as a dog trainer!
    Congratulations! Now that you have completed your Dog Training Course you will now have the skills and confidence to be ready to start your new career as a successful dog trainer!

We believe these 4 steps are the way to go when starting out a career as a dog trainer. If you think that all sounds fantastic to you, then we have some further information on why you should become a dog trainer below!

Pros & Cons Of Becoming A Dog Trainer

– You get to work with dogs all day long!
–  Make a real difference to a dog’s behaviour and have a positive impact on the families you work with
–  Can be flexible working hours or give you the opportunity to start a business with great work-life balance
–  Limited to no equipment needed, so no expensive start-up costs or upkeep expenses

– Possibly weekend and after hours work to suit your clients
– Potentially working with aggressive, anxious and unfriendly dogs

Dog Trainer FAQ’s

How much money do dog trainers make?
According to, the average base salary of a dog trainer is $93,582 a year. This will obviously vary based on where you work, how often you work and who you work with. It is a growing industry with demand, so great earning potential is high.

How will doing a dog training course get me a job?
Doing a dog training course will help to give you skills and knowledge to have the confidence to work successfully in the industry. It will look fantastic on your resume and provide you with a solid foundation for you to work from if you decide to begin your own dog training business.

What other jobs could a dog care and training and care course get me?
A course in Dog Care and Training can open the doors to many different careers, for example:

  • Dog Walker
  • Kennel Assistant
  • Shelter Attendant
  • Animal Rescue Assistance
  • Local Laws / Animal Division of Council
  • Pet Sitting
  • However, a care and training course will look fantastic on your resume when applying for any job involving animals!

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