Let us solve your often asked questions

How can I pay for the course?

Students can either pay for either course upfront or via one of our affordable payment plans. As an bonus we offer discount for upfront payments.

Do you offer payment plans? What are my payment options?
Yes, we aim to make our courses accessible for everyone. Our course payment options start from just $25 a week.
How long will it take to pay the course off?
Each course is unique so we recommend speaking with one of our course advisors who can assist you regarding your specific course of interest. Students have the ability to pay off as much or as little as you like (minimum $25/week). Students can tailor payment plans on a weekly, fortnightly even monthly basis.
Do you offer concessions to complete an Upskill Online Course?
Yes, please speak with one of our career advisors to find out more. Call them on (03) 9007 2117 or send an email to
Getting Started
How do I enrol?
You can sign up for any of our courses by speaking with one of our career advisors. Just call our team on (03) 9007 2117 or send an email to
Are there any entry requirements?
No, our online courses have no entry requirements and are open to everyone. If you’re under the age of 18 you’re more than welcome to study with us, if you have parental approval.
What equipment do I need for my course?
We recommend having regular access to a computer and the internet.
When will I get access to the course?
Once you are successfully enrolled, you will receive access to your course materials within minutes.
Coursework Frequently Asked Questions
How many hours a week should I be spending on my course?

The beauty of our courses is that they’re self-paced, so you’re not rushed or pressured to finish your course in a specific timeframe. Some students may take 3 months, others 2 years. However, on average, most students complete our courses in 6 months. Students will have a maximum of 12 months to complete their course of choice. 

Will there be assignments or exams that I’ll need to complete as part of my course?

Yes, there will be different forms of assessment through your course. These assessments test students academic understanding and may be presented in different formats such as short answer responses, multiple choice questions, case studies etc.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use the online platform?
Basic knowledge of computer and internet use is required, however we have chosen our online learning system specifically to ensure it is easy enough for everyone to use. We can always offer additional support to help you navigate the system if needed.
How is the course and units assessed?
Students are either deemed competent or not yet competent. If you don’t pass an assessment on the first attempt, we give you feedback on areas of improvement! Students can have unlimited attempts to answer questions correctly.
What If I need help along the way?

Upskill Online offers students general support in nature Monday to Saturday via email or phone. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you have along the way! 

We don’t offer support in terms of basic reading and writing or how to use a computer. However, we can help with such things like; how to submit an assignment, understanding a question or comprehending material. 


Will I receive a certificate on completion of the course?

Yes! We’ll send you a digital and physical certificate once course payment has been fully paid off.

Job Prospects
Will you assist in helping me get job ready afterwards?
Yes, we will provide you with resume and cover letter writing assistance to ensure your resume will be suitable to use for job applications. We know our courses can help to set our applicants apart and we want to ensure you’re confident with great application materials.

We can also offer a letter of recommendation on request to help you with the job application process.

Do students find jobs on completion of courses with Upskill Online?
We have helped many students across Australia into new careers and helped others into starting their own businesses. While we value our students on their employability post course-completion, we are also very happy that our courses offer students the opportunity to go on and begin their own business in their chosen field once they are done.
Will my course be recognised by prospective employers?

Yes, while our courses are not specifically nationally recognised qualifications, online courses are beneficial for numerous reasons and potential employers regard additional study highly.
Not only do they prove an applicant’s interest, effort, initiative and dedication, an online course also helps to build confidence in the applicant and can set your resume apart.

Read our blog post ‘Are Online Courses Recognised By Employers?’ for more information

Upskill Online Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Upskill Online?
We’re an online short course provider operating out of Melbourne. Our goal is to provide high quality online training for those who live a busy schedule and need a flexible online learning solution.
Are You Australian Based?
Yes, we are! We operate out of Melbourne but have students from all over Australia.
Are you a registered training organisation (RTO)
No, we’re a private training company. We do not offer AQF qualifications.
What happens if I finish my course before I finish off paying my payment plan?

Upon successful completion of the course and once the remainder of the agreed upon payment plan is paid-off completely we will issue you a digital and hard copy certificate.

What type of qualification do I get at the end of my training?
Students will receive a Certificate of Attainment in their chosen field awarded by Upskill Online. Please note, as we’re not an RTO this is not nationally recognised.
Why should I study with you?

Upskill Online offers many benefits, including:

  • All course material is provided for students and included in the course fees
  • The opportunity to network with other likeminded students in our interactive online learning platform
  • Graduating with an official certificate recognising your successful completion of the course
  • An academic transcript of all the units completed
  • A letter of recommendation for any current or future employer
  • Assistance in either setting up a LinkedIn profile or resume and cover letters
  • A three-day cooling off period to ensure you’re happy with the course you’ve selected


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