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If you have been considering upskilling or beginning a course to help lead you to a new career, you might be wondering, ‘Are online courses recognised by employers?’. Will this be worth my time? What will I actually get from completing an online course?

The short answer, is yes.  Yes, they are recognised, yes, they are worthwhile, and you can get so much from completing a course online. Online courses are recognised by employers even more so today than in the past as studying online is becoming the norm in the post-pandemic-world.

Here are reasons why online courses ARE recognised by employers and the benefits of completing one.

  • Proven Interest & Effort
    You obviously have a true interest in the field of study / industry if you have taken the time to complete a course on it, regardless of length, institution, or certification title. Prospective employers love to see candidates that truly have a passion and interest for the industry you will be working in as this often leads to higher job satisfaction and less staff turnover.
  • Shows Initiative
    Many online courses are not compulsory headways into a career. People can apply and be hired for jobs without any prior training or knowledge in some of these fields for the courses that we offer.  However, completing an online course shows keen initiative and determination, which are an ideal trait in a potential job candidate that employers will value highly.
  • Differentiates Your Resume
    If you have a course on your resume, over a candidate that doesn’t, this will help you to stand apart and give you an edge over other applicants. Employers will recognise that you’ve taken additional time and effort into getting ahead and upskilling in the industry and will add value to your application.
  • Hire & Training Ease
    Employers will be hiring someone that has knowledge of the industry from the get-go, potentially making their job of training and introducing new staff to the role easier. If you have already completed a course, it’s likely you will have a better understanding of the job requirements, and what the position may entail.
  • More Specialised
    Online courses are often more specialised than some larger tertiary degrees, giving you more targeted training in the area your employer might be looking for. A course specifically in carnivore zoology, for example, might place you more favourably than someone that has completed a general course.
  • Confidence Boost
    Completing an online course can really boost a student’s confidence when working in a particular field. Confidence in the workplace is an admirable trait, as it often leads to clearer communication, better decision making and greater productivity and work completion rates. Those that have completed online courses will often be able to hit the ground running in a new position, with what they have learnt in their course at the front of their minds.

Why should I choose Upskill Online for my online course choice?

Here at Upskill online, we only provide you with the best courses available with fantastic resources and 1-on-1 tutor support. On completion of your course, our career experts can help you to update and refresh your LinkedIn page or resume to ensure your application looks its best for prospective employers.

Due to the flexibility of our courses, we see great completion rates, so students can work the course within their usual daily and weekly commitments – often around family and other work. Our courses don’t have set hours of work each week or specific times for things to happen – we understand our students are busy and need flexibility in their course hours.

On completion of one of our Upskill Online courses, your tutor can provide you with a letter of recommendation for prospective employers which can also give you an edge over other applicants.

If you’re still unsure about starting an online course, please contact one of our career consultants who will be happy to discuss the process and determine if an online course is right for you.

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