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When it comes to the question of ‘Does music help or improve studying?’, there is no clear yes or no as music affects people differently. We have curated the ultimate study playlists for you, but before we get into that we’ll touch on some interesting points about studying and music.

Music can…

  • Improve your mood
  • Motivate you
  • Block out noises in the home or café you’re studying at
  • Boost concentration and increase focus
  • Get you in the groove – especially when you’re listening to your favourite tunes

While music can do that for some, for others it can be distracting and have a negative impact on studying. Of course this is because we’re all different and music affects us all differently. If you find yourself not remembering what you’ve just read, being too focused on the music and not the material you’re studying, you’ll know that a quiet environment is better for you.

But if you love studying to music as much as we do create a playlist of songs that aren’t too wordy, too fast or too loud. Or… try one of the Spotify playlists below! (Mind you there are a few that don’t fit the not too fast or loud criteria!)

LOFI Hip Hop Study Playlist

What is LOFI Hip Hop? It’s music that combines elements of chill-out music and hip hop music, creating a kind of downtempo hip hop sound. It might even help your brain relax and focus.

Pop Study Playlist

Instrumental Study Playlist

Instrumental Rock/ Metal Study Playlist

Peaceful Instrumental Study Playlist

Indie and Folk Study Playlist

Chill Folk Study Playlist

Jazz Study Playlist

No Lyrics Study Playlist

Mixed Study Playlist

Mixed Study and Work Playlist

 Good luck with your studying!


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