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If you’re an animal lover and are wanting to start a career with animals, you may be wondering what some of your career options may be. To help you, we have listed the 10 best jobs working with animals!  

  • Zookeeper
  • Reptile Handler
  • Dog Trainer
  • Pet Sitter
  • Animal Attendant
  • Pet Groomer
  • Animal Conservationist
  • Rescue / Shelter Worker
  • Safari Guide
  • Veterinary Assistant

  1. Zookeeper
    Working at a zoo with animals all day long sounds like a dream job for many. Who wouldn’t love spending the day with monkeys, elephants, penguins, or other awesome animals? Sure, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine when it comes time to cleaning out the enclosures, but the relationships and friendships you can develop with the animals and the atmosphere at the zoo is second to none. It’s almost certain you would say you love going to work every day!

    If working at a zoo sounds like something for you, check out our courses in zoology which can get you on the road to starting a career you’ll love.
    Certificate In Zoology
    Certificate In Carnivore Zoology

  2. Reptile Handler

    A reptile handler is hands down one of the coolest jobs you can have! If you love lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and other reptiles then this could be the career for you. You will need to know how to correctly look after and handle the animals, while advocating for their care through educating others about them. Whether you land a job in a zoo or conservation park, or work in a reptile entertainment business, every day will be an exciting and rewarding one.

    If you’re interested in becoming a reptile handler, then a reptile studies course could be the way to go. Take a look at our Certificate In Reptile Studies course here, or alternatively our Certificate in Zoology.

  3. Dog Trainer
    Being a dog trainer is an exceptionally rewarding job. You get to spend lots of one-on-one time with dogs and their families and watch the development of each dog into a well-behaved and obedient family member. Usually dog trainers are self-employed, which offers great flexibility to work when and where you want to.

    To become a dog trainer, you may wish to consider completing a Dog Training certificate – such as our online Certificate In Dog Care and Training.  This will teach you all the ins-and-outs of the industry and build your confidence to start a career as a professional dog trainer!

    For more information on a career as a dog trainer, see the website here:

  4. Pet Sitter
    Looking for a flexible job that pays you to hang out with animals? Pet Sitting is one of the best jobs working with animals – and could be the job for you! While no qualifications are required, having a certificate under your belt will make you more favourable to pet-owners looking to book a pet sitter while they go away. It will also give you the confidence to handle many situations and take bookings knowing you’ve got a breadth of knowledge behind you.

    If you’re considering an animal course to boost your pet sitting business – take a look at our Certificate in Animal care or our Certificate in Dog Care and Training.

  5. Animal Attendant
    If you’re a real animal person and would love a hands-on job with them, then becoming an animal attendant could be a great career move. Animal Attendants can work at kennels, shelters, or at zoos and parks and perform the everyday tasks to keep the animals happy and healthy. Every day will look different, and could include feeding and walking animals, planning activities and games, raising and caring for small or injured animals, cleaning enclosures and grooming the animals.

    To get started as an animal attendant, you might first like to complete a certification which will look great on your resume and give you the confidence to work in the industry. Two certificate options for you could be the Certificate in Animal Care and the Certificate In Zoology.
    If you’re not sure which course might suit the area you wish to work in, chat to one of our career advisors today.

    If you’d like to read more information on becoming an animal attendant, check out’s career advice page on becoming an animal attendant.

  6. Pet Groomer
    Pet grooming is a rewarding and fun job – if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty! It’s just like being a hairdresser for dogs – with the added bonus of not having to listen to people gossip all day – and your clients are often super cute! You may work in pet superstores that offer grooming services, work from home, or run your own business offering mobile services to people in your local area. Pet grooming often offers lots of flexibility in your day-to-day work and you can build ongoing relationships with your furry and fuzzy clients.

  7. Animal Conservationist
    If you’re passionate about preserving and protecting wildlife and their habitats, then a career in animal conservation is a no-brainer for you! Working as a conservationist, you might be involved in tracking and monitoring specific animals, caring for animals, educating and teaching others about animal conservation or managing the environment which animals live. It’s a varied career and one which can be very exciting and rewarding!


  8. Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistants work day-to-day with a Vet in daily consultations and emergency care. If you think that you may enjoy a career in helping injured and sick animals by nursing them back to health then be sure to check out our Vet Assistant Course here.

    Veterinary Assistants mostly work at vet clinics, so you will see your regular clientele come in and be able to build relationships with the animals and owners that come in. Great Vet Assistants are people who are caring and confident with animals, if you think this is you – don’t hesitate to contact our team about starting a Vet Assistant Course today!

  9. Safari Guide
    If you love animals and working with people, then being a safari guide at a zoo or local conservation park could be a wonderful job for you! Although similar to a zookeeper, a safari guide usually has a larger role to play with the public and people. You will be talking and educating people all day long on the animals and their environment.

    We think this is one of the best jobs working with animals, because you get a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat every day, show off your knowledge, learn cool facts and educate others, and you’ll get to drive around in a cool safari vehicle all day long! 

    To become a safari guide, you might want to consider doing a zoology or a carnivore zoology course.

  10. Animal Breeder
    If you are considering breeding animals, then it’s very important to have a solid understanding of how to care, raise and look after them. Breeders are involved in partnering up suitable mates, caring for pregnant animals, supporting the raising of the babies after they are born, and then matching the puppies, kittens or young with suitable families once they are ready.

    A Certificate in Animal Care can offer a great foundation of general animal care for anyone interested in breeding dogs, cats or other animals.

If you’re wanting to begin a career with animals, then we hope our list of the 10 best animal jobs have inspired and excited you to pursue your passion! We offer a range of animal-related courses which teach foundation and entry-level knowledge at affordable prices to offer everyone the opportunity to learn and gain confidence in their chosen area. If you’d like to know more about our animal-related courses, and which one is right for you – speak to one of our career consultants today.