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Online learning offers a range of benefits compared to traditional classroom learning, especially for adults. More and more courses are becoming available online and if you are considering a career change or wanting to upskill, here are our top 5 benefits of online learning for adults.
  1. Flexibility To Study around Family, Work and Other Commitments
  2. Work At Your Own Pace
  3. No Classroom Anxiety
  4. Online Learning Is More Affordable
  5. Online Learning Saves You Time

1. Flexibility to study around family, work and other commitments

Possibly the biggest benefit of online learning, is the chance to study around your other life commitments. This could include things like having and caring for children, working a full, part time or casual job, caring for elderly family members, managing your household, looking after pets, cooking and gardening, etc.

With online leaning you can plan your coursework around these commitments as there are no set times to attend classes or hand in coursework. You won’t fall behind if you have a busy week, and you can make the most of down time by spending more time on your course. Online students may not feel the pressure of having a set amount of content to work through each week and are less likely to burn out during life’s busy periods due to study overload.

2. Work at your own pace

Completing an online course offers the flexibility of being able to work at your own pace.

This is a great benefit of online learning for adults specifically, as different stages in life can mean that people are starting the course with varying levels of experience. Some students may need longer on some sections of coursework, while other areas that they are more familiar with could be worked through quickly. Individual students can learn at a pace suitable for them and won’t be left behind other classmates learning at different speeds.

Everyone also has different commitments outside of studying, so a student that can only dedicate 2 hours a week to studying won’t be left behind someone who has 20 hours available.

3. No Classroom Anxiety

Another benefit of online learning is the reduced anxiety that may come with returning to the classroom. The thought of going back to ‘school’ may bring unease for some people. Being labelled a ‘mature aged student’ or a ‘non-school leaver’ – as many TAFE’s and Universities do – may also sound incredibly daunting and prevent people from returning to study in these environments.

4. Online Learning Is More Affordable

Online learning delivers courses that are priced based on low overheads, as opposed to courses run in-person where more costs need to be considered (Such as heating, cooling, venue hire, teacher hours and more).
Studying online also reduces travel costs. You can save money by not paying for fuel, parking or public transport to get to and from the course location, which is a big bonus.

5. Online Learning Saves You Time

Studying online can be more efficient. Your breaks will suit you and not be based on a tutor’s schedule. Your travel time is eliminated, as no need to travel to a classroom and you won’t need to get the kids or family organised to be somewhere without you!

What are the benefits of online learning with Upskill Online?

  • Access to tutor support Monday to Saturday.
  • Our classes are run via an easy-to-use leaning system, so whether you are great with technology or a little rusty, you will be able to learn and navigate the system quickly.
  • We offer easy payment options and schedules to ensure it’s as affordable as possible for everyone.
  • We offer a digital certificate provided on completion – as soon as your coursework is completed you can add it to your resume and LinkedIn straight away – no waiting for graduation day!
  • We’re an Australian organisation with experience in providing the best courses to Australians online. We only offer the best courses that we genuinely believe our students will enjoy and benefit from.

While we have listed 5 of the benefits of online learning above, we are sure there are many more! If you’re ready to take the next step and sign up for an online course, you can view our course offerings or speak with one of our career consultants today.