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Finding a career that utilises your skills and aligns with your interests can be like winning the lottery. As the saying goes “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you are considering changing careers here are some simple ways to nail your career change.


When should you make a career change?

With mass redundancies in 2020 due to Covid19 and changes in the job market, many employees were forced to begin careers in new industries.

With so many people successfully beginning new careers in different industries it has become apparent that it’s always possible to transition into a new role regardless of the stage of your life.

This, along with staff shortages in many businesses, has since seen a growing confidence in the workforce to change jobs and try something new.

Right now the unemployment rate in Australia is at 3.9% (May 2022), making it a job seekers market. Some industries have seen staff levels drop and are desperate to hire. Other industries have seen a boom due to reactions to the pandemic (such as pet purchases leading to the need for more dog trainers). If you are looking to make a career change, now is a great time to take the step into a career you love.

Why change careers?

  • You might consider transitioning to a new career for many reasons. Some of the most common are:
  • You are unsatisfied in your current job
  • You have been made redundant
  • You require improved work-life balance with a flexible work schedule
  • You would like/need an increase in remuneration
  • You want to do a job that is in a more suitable environment / location
  • Want to make a start in a growth industry
  • You want to make a difference in an industry you are passionate about
  • Since the pandemic the role you currently have has become too stressful

According to Seek, the top 3 reasons for a career change for Australian employees are as follows;

  • 17% – More earning potential
  • 16% – Want to do something more fulfilling
  • 13% – Want to peruse their passion

Simple Ways to Make A Career Change Smoother

Whilst changing jobs means you have an opportunity to learn new skills and broaden your career opportunities, the shift also comes with uncertainty. Leaving a stable, paying job and jumping back into the job market can put pressure on your financial security, and applying for new jobs can weigh on your confidence.

Here are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible and nail your career change:

  • Before you commit to a new career, develop a plan, and realistic timeline of the stages of the process. Include training / education required, volunteering, networking opportunities, and entry level positions that can help you get experience in your new field. Understanding how long it will take to get into a new industry will help keep you focused and you will be less likely to give up.
  • Ensure you have enough savings keep you in the black while you are looking for new opportunities and figuring out the next steps in your career move.
  • Do a deep dive into jobs that are available in your desired industry. Explore and evaluate what those positions do day to day and review why you would find that role satisfying.
  • Talk to people in the industry to gain insight into what to expect and ask them how long it took them to get to where they are. Ask if they still love their job and what they find most satisfying.
  • Review the jobs you have done in the past and consider what you loved and hated about each of them. This could be location, physical environment (such as office or factory), working with people or on your own, amount of time spent at a desk or doing physical labour, if you had to deal with customers etc. Then try to find jobs that have as much of what you loved and little of what you hated.
  • Seek career change advice if needed. There are many great resources available. You may want to read “What Colour Is Your Parachute” to help you understand more about yourself and what you are looking for in a new career.
  • Complete a short course and volunteering with an organisation to get a taste of what is required in your chosen field.

Get started with an Online Course

If you’ve identified that you need to make a career change, get started with one of the best online short courses at Upskill Online. Our range of online short courses are designed with a dedicated focus on in-demand skills and have been created by industry experts.

Why should you choose a course with Upskill Online?

  • You can enrol at any time and complete it at your own pace.
  • There are no waiting periods or work within a semester timetable.
  • Flexible payment options, from as little as $25 a week to make the course accessible for almost everyone.
  • All course material is provided and is all-inclusive within the course fees.
  • You will receive an academic transcript for all the units you have completed along with a letter of recommendation for prospective employers.

It’s never too late to retrain in a new field and pursue a fulfilling career. To see what’s on offer and for career change advice, reach out to our career consultants with any questions.

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