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Working with reptiles is possibly one of the coolest jobs you can have! Handling snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles isn’t for the faint-hearted and will make family and friends say ‘WOW’ when you tell them what you do for a living!

The best way to land yourself a job working with reptiles, is to do a reptile course such as our Certificate in Reptile Studies. This helps to give you the best foundations for an entry-level career working with reptiles and give you the confidence to begin working in the industry straight away! A certificate will also look fantastic on your resume and be highly regarded by prospective employers.

Wondering if a job working with reptiles is for you?
If you’re asking why working with reptiles is so great, here is our list of the benefits of landing a job with reptiles after studying a reptile course;

  • You get to work with cool animals all day long

Probably the most obvious benefit of studying a reptile course, reptile zoology course or reptile handling course and getting into the industry – is that you get to work with cool animals all day long! Snakes, lizards, crocodiles – The slithery, scaly, and scary!

  • You get to meet lots of people
    Whether it’s at the zoo, local conservation park or within a mobile reptile business, you will meet lots of new people. At the zoo, new people visit every day, and you might be speaking with many of them as they ask questions and look at the animals. You might take school groups through for tours or do demonstrations to large crowds of people. If you work for a smaller business or start your own, such as a mobile reptile business, you get to attend many different events and parties – with your reptiles of course!
  • You will know lots of great reptile facts and probably get a cool nickname like ‘the reptile guy’ or ‘snake whisperer’
    Everyone loves some random trivia facts, and when you know lots of great things about animals that other people don’t know they will be amazed and amused! After studying a reptile course and getting into the industry, you will be able to wow people with your knowledge of different reptile facts.
  • People will say ‘wow’ when you tell them what you do
    Have you ever said ‘wow’ to anyone when they’ve told you they work in IT? Pack bags at Woolies? Are a medical receptionist? Or concrete footpaths? Not that there’s anything wrong with those jobs, but they’re just not wow-worthy! Studying a certificate in reptile studies is certainly getting you on the right path to what will certainly be a “wow-job”. 😉 Any reptile course, reptile zoology course or reptile handling course will set you up with the best opportunity to get into the industry.
    Check out our certificate in reptile studies here.
  • Each day at work will be interesting
    Studying a reptile course means you will likely be going into a job where you are working with many different species of animals daily. Whether you’re working at a zoo, or a reptile entertainment business, there will always be new people to meet, places to go, and animals doing interesting and funny things to see.
  • You get to educate others
    Studying a reptile course can help you to teach others about understanding them and interacting with reptiles properly. There is often a stigma against many of the species and are misunderstood as they are often less cute and considered more dangerous than other animals. Teaching people how to properly interact with reptiles makes for a safer environment for all, which we think is pretty cool!
  • Help raise awareness
    You can help to raise awareness for endangered species or degrading habitats to try to help protect reptiles. You can help people to understand why certain animals and species are important for our ecosystem and encourage people to be more aware of reptiles and how they can keep them safe.
  • You’ll make reptile friends!
    If you’re an animal person, then you know that animals have their own personalities and that you can build connections and relationships with them. This is our final reason why a reptile course could land you a super cool job – you get to spend everyday with super cool scaly, shelled, and slithery friends! There are many reasons why a reptile course and a career with reptiles is one that can be lots of fun and very fulfilling! If you are interested in beginning a reptile course, please see our related courses.