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Work, deadlines, housework, commitments with family and friends, managing finances, getting the kids to school, feeling stressed, fitting in study time… there is just never enough hours in the day and with so many balls to juggle we know how difficult it can be to get the right balance between it all. And not having that work/life/study balance can increase stress and negatively impact you achieving your personal, work and study goals. So we wanted to share some tips to help you work towards having a healthy work, life and study balance.

Set small goals

When planning out your goals for work, life and study it can feel overwhelming when the final goals seem too big and this can negatively impact your productivity. Beak not only your goals, but your tasks and activities, down into small bite sized targets. This makes them easier to achieve and keeps you more motivated to move forwards.


Set a schedule and stick to it

Get into the habit of sticking to your work and study schedules, build it into a routine that encompasses your home and family life. Having clear boundaries helps your brain and your stress levels.


Take your breaks

Yes, actually take your breaks – don’t skip them or work through them. If you have set aside some time to take a break from work or study, take that mental and physical break.


Work smarter, not harder

Use the technology you have at your fingertips to not only manage your life, schedules and to do lists, but to silence notifications and pop ups while you’re studying or working.


Choose a course to study that fits your life

When selecting the course you want to take, make sure it’s flexible enough to fit in with your life and the commitments you already have. This is where courses that are online and let you set the pace and provide support are usually the better fit.


Use support networks

Many people find it difficult to ask for help, but you know what… ask for it! There is nothing wrong with asking for help, be it with work, study, getting things done around the house, running errands, etc. If you have a great support network, use it! And if you don’t have your own private support network, see what options you have available at work or through your online study provider.


Don’t ignore the burn out

No matter how well we do at scheduling, prioristing and juggling everything, we can still have our stress levels rise and become burnt out. If you find this happening (and it is inevitable for most as we’re all human), don’t ignore it! Knock it on it’s head. Find was to reduce stress, such as taking some time to relax and switch off or spending some extra time with family or on an activity you love.


Schedule some ‘Me’ time

Don’t forget that you’re important too. Your health and happiness need to be considered and worked on. If you don’t make time for you, for some ‘me’ time or family fun time, you will miss out and burn out. Schedule in regular time for yourself or your family and stick to it. Is there something you’re passionate about, do it. Do you love to read, book in some reading time where you can switch off and become absorbed in a good book. Need that hair treatment or massage? Book it in. Carve this time out for yourself.


Keep your end goal in sight

Remember why you’re doing everything you are.


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