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Most of us secretly do it when the New Year rolls around, we think about some new year resolutions and then they are abandoned by February. Sometimes it’s because we didn’t have specific goals in mind or the steps set out to achieve them. This New Year you might be questioning… Is it time for a change? A new career? Or progressing your current career? If you’re thinking it, then maybe it’s time for a change!

Here’s some tips for creating achievable New Year career goals…


Before you set your Career Goals

Some things to think about before you set your career goals include:

  • What is your end goal – what is the picture you see that you are working towards?
  • What sort of work life balance do you want to achieve? Will this new career fit in with that?
  • What do you value most?
  • Are you in the right mindset to really make a change?

The aim is to set realistic goals based on what you genuinely want, that are actually achievable.


Make your goals SMART and be specific

With one of your goals in mind, think about how you can make that goal SMART.

  • Specific – what do you want to actually achieve?
  • Measurable – how will you assess progress and success?
  • Achievable – is it easily achievable or does it need to be broken down into smaller bit sized chunks to hit along the way to a larger goal? (Most goals are better broken down into smaller achievable steps.)
  • Realistic – Is it within reach? Is it relevant to you, right now? Is it important? Is now the right time?
  • Time-bound – when do you want to achieve the goal by? When can you actually achieve it by? Assign realistic deadlines and timeframes for the smaller steps that you will achieve along the way to your main goal.


Write out your career goals

With smaller New Year resolutions we tend to keep them up top in our minds but that’s it. With something more important like new career changing (and life changing) goals, it’s important to write them down, document the goal and the steps you’ll take to reach it. Update it with achievements and progress.  This makes it all real and tangible, and not a vague resolution that stays in your mind. You might even note the key points of the goal down on a separate piece of paper and keep them visible.


Set an action plan

Plan out the steps, activities, and tasks you need to do along the way to achieving your goal along with a deadline for each one. Outline what do you need to do for each step.

While we’re talking about setting smaller goals, or steps, it’s important to note that when the final goals seem too big, this can negatively impact your productivity. Breaking not only your goals, but your tasks and activities, down into small bite sized targets makes them easier to achieve and keeps you more motivated to move forwards.

If you need to, get creative! Especially if you want a visual display of your goals and action plan.

You might also find it helpful to set a special activity or treat you will do or receive when you achieve your new year career goal! Celebrate your milestones!


Put it all into action!

Get started and keep going!!


Assess and update as needed

Regularly check in to make sure you’re on track and completing the steps and activity you’ve outlined in your action plan. Update as needed. Especially if you are busy juggling work, life, and study as well.


Good luck with your new year career goals. Hopefully you’re about to embark on an exciting new path!

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