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So what makes the best online course? Due to the pandemic and all learning shifting online, educators have learnt a great deal about online courses and best practices for online teaching. It has been a steep learning curve for education organisations and teachers.

The silver lining is online learning technology has now developed significantly along with the understanding of how to get the best out of an online course.

So what makes the best online course? Below are the most valued elements of an online course, which should be considered when selecting the right one for you.

1. The teachers or tutors should be approachable and experienced

Having experience and knowledge in the field they are teaching is essential to giving practical skills to students. This also assists with offering well-informed career advice. It’s essential that teachers and tutors of online courses are approachable and responsive. They need the ability to communicate well online so that you can get the help you need promptly. This may be via well-written emails, online chat rooms or boards, or video calls.

The tutors and teachers that facilitate the online courses Upskill Online offer have extensive experience in their field and are available Monday to Saturday via email or phone. You will also receive assistance in setting up a LinkedIn profile or CV and cover letter along with a letter of recommendation.

2. The online course must be challenging as well as engaging

If students are not challenged they will lose interest. This is true across all courses but particularly online. Online courses need to be challenging enough to keep you motivated and focused on why you are there. Without the strict schedule of face-to-face learning, you may find you need additional motivation to open the course work in your own time. With a challenging and engaging course staying motivated is much easier.

Upskill Online is continually reviewing course criteria to ensure it is up to date with industry trends. We encourage feedback from students to understand any improvements that could be made to ensure the course stays interesting, engaging and useful. We ensure that students get the most out of their online course.

3. Teach skills that are useful in the workplace

Generally speaking most people wanting to participate in an online course want practical skills to take into the workplace. You may want to stand out from other job applicants for a competitive role, or perhaps you are looking to start a new career and want to get your foot in the door. The best online courses teach practical skills that enable you to be confident in the workplace and continue to be engaged in the course.

The courses on offer at Upskill Online prepare you for the real world. We provide useful information that will help you understand your industry and be prepared to go out into the workforce.

4. An opportunity to try the course

If you’ve never done an online course before, you may be unsure whether you’ll like the format. If you are able to try the course for a few days with the option to leave with no financial penalties this is a great way to be certain.

Here at Upskill Online all the courses we offer provide these essential ingredients to be the best online course available. All our courses have a 3-day cooling off period, allowing you time to see if the format suits your learning style. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals and secure your dream job.

Are Face to Face Course Results better than Online Course Results?

If you are deciding if an online course is right for you, take comfort knowing that there has been many studies conducted since the pandemic to identify performance of students online and face-to-face, and generally these studies found there is no academic difference to students’ results. In fact the improvement in online learning has opened learning options up to people living rurally or unable to commute to campus. This also includes those who are primary care givers or working who do not have the ability to commit to course times during the day.

To speak to one of our career consultants about whether an online course is right for you please get in touch via email or give us a call on (03) 9007 2117. We would love to hear from you.